COC is a mutual-aid system that unites people behind a common goal of economic liberty. The fundamental logic is for two or more members to exchange treasures without the added fuss of a middle man.

This classically stretches the concept of integrity and goodwill.

The community can only sustain if the crew themselves maintain a high taste for financial development - and self determination.

No one owes anyone results, thus everyone is responsible for the smooth sailing of the ship. "If a ship hits an iceberg it is because the Captains and crew failed to foresee or avoid the disaster". It is therefore the vigilance and alertness of the entire COC populace to reduce the risks and pitfalls in their path to treasure accrual.

There is no higher influence in COC. The entire Unit is responsible for the growth and development of the system which will duly fulfil everyone's dreams. Do not at any time succumb to falsehoods about the health and future of the system (avoid panic). Do not at any event be deterred - not by political authority or financial autocrats - to aspire for that which will set us as a people free, and independent.

The greatest aim in COC is not to make crew super wealthy but simply to aid in the realignment of global wealth dynamics. If that notion is followed and adhered this Ship will sail for as long as the Heavens may permit.

Once again no one owes anyone results in our community, we simply rely on the divine intentions of crew to crew exchanges/interactions (as we secure and vend coins) to grow and prosper.

Enjoy the C.O.C experience.