2016-11-28 Hello Crew

A new COC CLASSIC DECK is due in the next 36hrs. Vending has been paused temporarily to allow smooth synchronisation.

We are now 3Months old and have dispatched many of the glitches and queries.
The new deck will be launched with vibrant specials. And a huge surprise to our Captains and active crew.

Forms for events funding will also be afforded on Black Friday as well as a Big Charity activity for COC give back.

The Road to the COC Official Launch starts in under 48hrs. The speed at which we have grown is intriguing. Now the regions that have realised the fastest growth must get consolidated as we stimulate others. It is time to unleash the COC class and true spirit of network marketing.

Finally we apologise for the inconveniences of the past few weeks and the current phase. Come COC Classic Deck and the smiles will fill all of our faces. That is the promise.

And thank you for the unbelievable vibrance thus far. "Treasures of all Nations"

COC Admin and Support


2016-11-17 Hello Crew

ZAR orders have finally been synchronised and we thank you for the patience. Those in SA can vend their treasures in ZAR to help the queue move normal.

If your account gets suspended due to adding local bank support will assist you only in the next 24hrs to remove suspension.

The BTC matches that outstanding will also be matched along the next few days upto Tuesday.

We expect that by midweek other pertinent issues will also be resolved. Our technical team is working now overtime to ensure that by November 25th the System is relieved of any strains.

For crew it is to keep believing in the COC opportunity which will surprise us all, efficiency and character wise, going into the new month.

Thank you.

COC Admin and Support
2016-10-08 Greetings COC Crew

Two items have been persistently raised by Crew over the last 7day period. Even though we have resolved a fair range of those as deemed ideal to the RSA and Global Networker. A few remain outstanding.

Since we have new Crew who have not yet received Support's correspondence regarding the issues - in particular Sub-crew and Referral Credits - we wish to reassure all Crew that the issues are being addressed wakefully and consummately. COC Africa is a newborn and a rare one for that matter; and through the COC equilibrium we have incarcerated the grand monster that has wrecked havoc upon many a mutual-aid opportunity current and defunct.

Similarly with the Progress Line that prohibits a 'hit and run' sense by early settlers.

Although most crew are still acclimatizing to the annual key phenomenon please be wakeful to the relationship between the Keys and the Equilibrium factor. With them we have summarily cut-off the nightmare of restarts or pause processes that has left even the greatest concepts wanting.

Without taking away the frustrations during the basal and occasionally in the past few days - the pronouncement is fiercer than ever: We are the answer to the volatility that has besieged the Social Network movements of our day, and made all self-help minds susceptible to loosing time and coin.

We are the resuscitator of all those who were exploited off their own trust in the noble ideals of togetherness and mutualism. We at this new dawn re-empower the spirit of commonness and raise a new crop of sheep that see no wolf, fear no bully and destroy falsehoods and oppression's of any kind - financial, political, social or otherwise.

Greatly we are humbled by the dexterity with which Crew both individually and collectively has worked to help fulfill our ideals. We pledge to strengthen our reciprocal support and energy to bolster all viability and pride you seek and have in project COC.

Finally and from the heart of American pop-artist Andy Warhol: to COC Africa Crew and counterparts embracing this massive opportunity globally,
"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself."

Thank you for your attention,
"Treasures of all Nations"

Support COC
2016-10-03 Greetings COC Crew

We have finally gone past the basal (origination) phase of COC South Africa. Numerous improvements have been made as also motivated by RSA Crew. And we are happy to say that the COC System in now in full flight.

This effectively means that we have entered the 2nd Phase of operations, which includes additional pre-launches in Major Cities and Towns. Duly all the 'secure coins' orders on the queue will be matched when Vending should occur from both local (local bank & BTC) and global participants. As it stands we are +-16days away before RELEASE of the first secure coins from Global (BTC only).

Lastly we encourage crew and sub-crew to forward all queries and suggestions via the Contacts page so we may assist with issues expediently. When your frequently asked questions (FAQ) dossier is complete the support ticket cordon in your deck will become active and functional, and this will be before Local Bank (ZAR) release dates may occur.

Thank you for your attention.
Let the COC Spirit rage on;... treasures of all nations.

Support COC
2016-09-21 Greetings COC Crew, and welcome to the Greatest Opportunity this Century.

The Registrations are finally active and it is all systems go. Please note that the countdown for RSA was extended by a few hours to allow the excitement to be shared in same daylight across all Launching Nations which are Philippines, South Africa, Nigeria and India.
So as things stand RSA registrations will start at Lunchtime 22/09/2016.
Thank you and please be reminded that keys verification between 10-30mins due to BLOCKCHAIN confirmations (1/2/3 steps).
Thank you and enjoy the COC Experience.

Support COC